Wedding Ceremony

weddingA beautiful ceremony will stick with you forever, that is why we recommend hiring an officiant or a pastor to make your day truly remarkable. Many select an officiant they already know because the familiarity makes that event that much more precious to all of those involved. It is important to select an officiant or pastor that is skilled in the ability to communicate and tell a story. Ceremonies evoke a lot of emotion make sure you officiant is capable of doing so. Rather than just reading off of a sheet of paper make sure there is meaning behind what is being said.

This means you must find an officiant that is well prepared, engaging and is fun to be with. Here are a few more useful tips to keep in mind when selecting an officiant.

  1. Make sure the officiant knows the day is about you and your significant other. One of the worst things that can happen is having an officiant make the wedding all about themselves and not the couple. There officiants that make jokes and side comments so make sure you get to know them well before your ceremony.
  2. The officiant should know its audience and be prepared to be a professional. Even if the officiant is a friend of the bride or a buddy of the groom it is still important that they take note that this is a professional ceremony and not a joking matter. There is time for fun and games after the ceremony this is a moment for the couple as well as family and friends. It is not a time to tell old college stories and good around.
  3. Give your officiant a script and tell him or her to stick to the script. Without a script some officiants tend to ramble or will keep it way too short. Others use cliches and don’t necessarily tell the story you want conveyed. That it is why it is important to write it down ahead of time and let your pastor know to stick to the script.
  4. Ask how many ceremonies the officiant has conducted. You want someone that is experienced and will be able to guide your ceremony perfectly. New officiants tend to get nervous with larger crowds so it would be wise to select someone that has a few ceremonies under his or her belt.
  5. Leading up to the ceremony make sure the pastor has read and knows the material. It is very important they have read and have a clear understanding of your vows. Also make sure if names are in the vows that you give proper pronunciation of each name. One of the worst things that can happen is saying a name wrong. This is a special event, so make sure the pastor makes eye contact and is not simply reading from notes.
  6. Make sure the officiant arrives a least an hour early to avoid any roadblocks such as traffic. This is also a good time for the officiant to become comfortable with where he or she will be conducting the ceremony.