Destination Weddings

weddingSo you want a destination wedding. Well we can definitely do that for you. Here are a few items you should take into account before planning your wedding.

Choosing the perfect spot is important because you have to take into account travel, expenses and making sure your loved ones are able to attend. Whether you are looking for an out of the country experience or just out of state we can help plan the perfect ceremony that fits all of your needs. Have romantic ceremony in wine country or on a white sandy beach.

Be sure to time your ceremony accordingly to what the weather will be like and what the tourist season is in at certain locations. If you are going to get married during a high traffic season plan well in advance so you can block off and reserve a hotel room.  It can take up to a year for a block of rooms to become available in a fancy destination. Think about your guests and book flights before prices tend to skyrocket in peak months. If you’re planning a wedding in the off season remember why it is the off season. It typically means the weather isn’t as nice. There may be a lot of rain or it could be hurricane season. Plan wisely.

Before choosing a destination wedding at an exotic location make sure you know a little about the area first. We recommend that you actually take a trip there or have already been there at least once before. It’s important because you want to make sure you are totally comfortable with your decision and that it will be suitable not only for yourselves but for your guests as well. While we take care of many things you still have to think about a rehearsal dinner as well as all of the wedding day essentials.

Always think about expenses. You are leaving home so it may be more expensive than you think when it comes to a destination wedding. A wedding in Florida will be significantly cheaper than a wedding in California. Make sure you know the added expenses beforehand rather than being stuck with a large bill after the fact.

If you’re getting married outside of the country know all of the laws and requirements before your big day. Some countries impose a residency requirement meaning you have to be in the country for a certain amount of time. For example, we know you must be in France for at least 40 days before your ceremony.

Take care of your guests and remember they traveled a long way to see your special day. Help arrange hotel and flight discounts for large groups. Make maps and travel arrangements easy for everyone. Also, be sure to make a few suggestions of local food spots to dine. These can be cheap spots all the way up to fine dining. Take care of your guests and you will have a bunch of happy friends and family on hand to join your precious occasion.