5 Careers In The Wedding Industry And How To Get Started

wedding1If you would like to work in the wedding industry there are a number of career options to choose from. Of course the most popular or well-known option is a Wedding Planner but there are many other careers in the Wedding Industry that one can get into if wedding or event planning is not something you think you may be good at. Here are five careers from the Wedding Industry and what you can expect from these careers.

Wedding Planner

What it pays:  $3,000 (per wedding)

What they do: Wedding planners basically organize a bride and groom’s big day. They do everything not just the wedding but also the rehearsal, dinner, bridesmaid teas, related brunches and any event related to the wedding. They review the overall budget and help to choose items according to the tastes and styles of the couple. They propose their terms and services and the couple along with the wedding planner draw up a contract.

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What it pays:  $31,000 (Average mid-career salary)

What they do: The caterer is the person or organization that prepares, delivers, presents and sometimes serves the food to the clients and their guests. They may be used not only for the wedding day but also for the bridal shower, the rehearsal dinner and other events where food is necessary to be served. They are not only responsible for the food but also for decorations, music, lighting, tables and chairs etc and also for cleanup as well.  They often have to consider the needs of their clients such as religious or dietary needs when choosing and preparing menu items.


wedding-ceremonyWhat it pays:  $1,000 (per wedding)

What they do: A Celebrant solemnizes marriages and registers them with the government. They are non-denominational and thus give a professional option providing creativity and freedom for a ceremony that is customized specifically for the couple. They perform any type of ceremony whether informal, formal or themed ceremonies and include any type of content you would like.

Have a look at http://becomeanofficiant.ca for information on how to become a celebrant in Canada (it’s different by country … so if you are not Canadian, check with your local government)

Floral Designer

What it pays:  $21,260 (Average mid-career salary)

What they do: A Floral Designer is responsible for flowers and greenery and all their decorations, containers and accessories. They cut and arrange fresh, dried and artificially flowers and other greenery and create decorative displays with various other accessories. They used their knowledge of flowers and their artistic capabilities to select and arrange the appropriate floral decorations for any occasion. Floral designers generally work in grocery stores and flower shops and are also called florists.

Cake Decorator

What it pays:  $20,580 (per wedding)

What they do: A cake decorator can take a plain looking cake and turn it into a fantasy cake by adding color  and design to it. The design can include anything from flowers to having a cake in the shape of an animal. Most times a cake decorator also works as a baker but does not always have to do so. They specialize in frosting and decorating cakes and putting multiple cakes together for the final look.